hinamatsuri, doll's festival

This is the time to wish happiness and healthy growth to Japanese girls.

On the 3rd of March, during the Hein Period, the tradition was performed by sending straw Hina dolls in a boat, along the river to the sea, in order to get rid of the bad spirits.
 There are some regions in Japan that still practice this tradition.

But there is another tradition during this time; families will display in their homes the most beautiful and amazing craft dolls. These dolls represent old figures from history, like the Emperor and the Empress (the most highly valued), all in ancient costumes.
The details can show exceptional levels of quality and artisanship, from the fine silk used in the multi-layered Kimonos to the elaborate hair ornaments, hats or swords.

The faces are finely painted giving these dolls beautiful expressions.

The Hina dolls normally consists of at least 15 dolls and miniature household articles. If you see one, take some time to appreciate the details of this beautiful art. 

March 3